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Informa Economics IEG


Informa Economics is a leader in global agribusiness intelligence. It covers the entire value chain in crops, livestock, sugar, and dairy in order to help anticipate market changes.

The Jacobsen


The Jacobsen collects daily offers, bids, and trades within the animal products market. They communicate all segments of the market: buyers, sellers, traders and brokers in order to get the whole picture.

Loyola University Chicago Biodiesel Lab


The Searle Biodiesel Program at Loyola University Chicago focuses on production, research, and outreach efforts centered around utilizing waste products to create energy. The majority of its biodiesel production is made from used cooking oil sourced from on-campus kitchens while the glycerin by-products are made into soap used on the university's campuses.



Vistage Worldwide, Inc. is a peer-to-peer membership organization for CEOs, business owners and executives of small to mid-size businesses. Members meet once a month in small groups to hear seminars on business strategy and share their business problems in confidence while other members offer solutions.

Urner Barry


Urner Barry is a business publisher specializing in reporting of market news and quotations to clients in the poultry, egg, meat, seafood and related segments of the food industry through a variety of print and non-print media.

International Sustainability & Carbon Certification


The International Sustainability & Carbon Certification covers the entire supply chain and all kinds of biobased feedstocks and renewables. ISCC can be applied in various markets including the bioenergy sector, the food and feed market and the chemical market. Since its start of operation in 2010, more than 12,500 certificates in more than 100 countries have been issued.

American Feed Industry Association


The American Feed Industry Association seeks to give a voice to all segments of the feed industry. It contains extensive news releases to shed light on important updates on the industry as well as its own organization.

American Fats and Oils Association


The American Fats and Oils Association is a non-profit organization that aims to foster trade within the United States and throughout the world. It covers trading for fats, oils and proteins sourced from animals, fish, and vegetables.

United States Department of Agriculture


The U.S. Department of Agriculture provides general news updates within the agriculture sector. News releases, agency releases, and blog entries help gain a comprehenisive insight into the current U.S. food market.

National Biodiesel Board


The National Biodiesel Board is the national trade association representing the biodiesel industry in the United States. It provides important updates in congressional policy and general news relating to domestic biodiesel production.

ADM Investor Services


ADM is a futures commission merchant providing services to retail, commercial and institutional clients. Their information is supported through a network of Introducing Brokers, non-clearing FCMs, branch offices, subsidiaries and sister companies across the United States and around the globe.

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