Brown Grease

Brown Grease

Brown Grease – Also known as High FFA Fat. Is any fat product that does not meet the definition of a animal fat, vegetable fat or oil, hydrolyzed fat, fat ester or Yellow Grease. It is sold on its specifications which includes the minimum total fatty acids (TFA), the maximum percentage of free fatty acids (FFA), the maximum percentage of moisture (M), the maximum percentage of insoluble impurities (I) and the maximum percentage of unsaponifiable matter (U). Typically, this is minimum 16% FFA and maximum 5% total MIU but is negotiated on a contract to contract basis.


“I’ve known Dan and Third Coast Commodities for many years in this industry and it has always been a pleasure working with them.”

- Joseph M. Moreland | Stoller Trucking, LLC.

  • Contact for trades involving brown grease, trap grease, fatty acid, and packaged / distressed inventory of FOG.
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