Third Coast Commodities

Third Coast Commodities, LLC was formed in 2013 with one simple message in mind: To start a new physical merchant with the combined goals of bringing transparency to the world of physical derivative commodities and reducing risk. Since August of 2013 we have added four full time traders which service over 200 companies nationally and internationally in the broader Fats Oils and Grease (FOG) industry: commercial crush, biofuels, restaurant recycling, oleo chemical, animal feed, and heating oil markets. Above all else, we aim to give our clients insight and certainty in trading their industry by-products while ensuring ease of transaction. We service by truck, rail or shore tank or export. We are proud members of ICIS, AFOA, NRA, and NBB.

Stillwell Plant

Third Coast is excited to announce that it has opened a new plant in Northwest Indiana alongside its partner, Glycerin Traders. We process numerous products for reuse from around the country; packaged products, bulk, out of spec, and distressed inventories. Rail access will be available from the Chicago South Shore & South Bend Railroad. Third Coast is in the process of receiving ISCC and FSMA certification for this location to ensure customers of our dedication to sanitary working environments and sustainable production.

Our goal is to not only bring maximum cash value to our clients, but an understanding of market direction in a constantly evolving environment.